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Creating Executive Success: Coaching for the Administrative Professional

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What makes an administrative assistant phenomenal?

The asPhenomenal Administrative Assistantsistant is the right arm of the executive. A great assistant has many talents that separate him or her from the crowd -- superior organization skills,negotiation skills, the ability to prioritize and re-prioritize at a moment's notice, creativity, innovation, top communication skills -- and complements your team.

But a phenomenal assistant has an additional gift: the added value of anticipating what the executive needs, before they know it themselves.

At Creating Executive Success, we make good assistants better, and great assistants PHENOMENAL!

What are the benefits of a phenomenal administrative assistant?

CES TrainingTrain with CES and expect:

How does the executive directly benefit from making the investment in the administrative assistant's professional development? When your assistant's skills and abilities can leap from good, to great, to phenomenal, you get added value far above the initial investment.

What would it be worth to you, to have an assistant who can better anticipate your needs? Who can seamlessly and proactively handle certain issues and details as they come up, rather than needing your direct supervision? How would your life and your work improve, if your assistant was fully empowered, trained and equipped to get the job done well, freeing up your valuable time so you can focus on accomplishing your goals more effectively?


Executive Assistant TrainingWhen you invest in your assistant's continual professional development, you also help to cement the trust and loyalty between you. Studies show that employees define "feeling valued by their employer", not just by the compensation package they receive, but by how they are treated and respected on the job. An assistant who feels valued and supported by his or her boss is far more likely to want to go that extra mile and produce great results... and far less likely to start looking elsewhere for employment!


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